Friday, November 9, 2018

Book Release! Rescue Your Family


It's been way too long since I've posted here!

How to explain...

You know how sometimes life throws a curve ball at us that knocks us off our feet for a while? Well, that's what happened to my family. It's been a strange three years.

As writers, part of our healing process usually includes writing about it. That's what I've done. After a period of stunned silence, I found my voice again.

And so today I proudly announce my latest book release, Rescue Your Family. This book is deeply personal, and along with the release comes a certain level of fear. But I'm tired of being afraid. I've decided to kick fear in the gut and move forward in order to use my story to help others.

With this latest book release comes a whole lot of hope--hope that you or someone you know will be blessed by it. Hope that it'll find its way into the hands of the spouse who's hurting and confused. Hope that it'll reach someone who's on the fence about leaving their family, and persuade them to stay and rescue what seems lost.

Won't you help me help others? Share the book. Share my story. Share the hope.

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I'd love to hear an update from you guys! How have you been? What are you working on? Please share!