Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shakespeare, Doubt, and The Hangover

Our doubts are like traitors,
And make us lose the good we oft might win,
By fearing to attempt.
-William Shakespeare, "Measure for Measure"

Doubt. If you have none, I'm seriously jealous. I'm guessing that most writers have a healthy dose of the "D" word.

I sometimes wonder when the writer police will pound on my door and arrest me for fraud. I hope he'll at least look like Bradley Cooper. All hunky and tousled, with a split lip and aviator sunglasses. Like in "The Hangover"... *sigh*

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, doubt. The fear of failure shouldn't keep us from doing what we love. And our love of writing shouldn't disappear when we experience bumps along the way. We learn from our mistakes, and we grow.

Let's toss our doubts in the slammer, my writer friends. Let's throw away the key and write on!

P.S. A big thanks to the gals at "Adventures in Children's Publishing" for announcing Ann Marie Wraight and I as co-winners of their book prizes. Marissa and Martina, there's no doubt that you two contribute mightily to the writing community.


  1. Nice, dear Julie. Congratulations!
    Daniel D. Peaceman, editor of CHMagazine

  2. Perfect way to remind the writer to keep on regardless of that niggling doubt. Thanks.

  3. Doubts plague all of us. Sometimes, I want to refer to myself as Poser Writer. You're right, instead of the "writer police" knocking down our doors, why don't we imagine writing NYT bestsellers. The latter is more likely to happen!

  4. Daniel, C. Lee and Theresa, thanks for stopping by. Yes, we must keep on, even when we doubt ourselves. Poser writer Theresa? No way. You're the real deal.

  5. Thanks for that encouraging post, Julie. I've got an award for you over on my blog.

  6. Those D words can be killers. Doubt, discouragement, despair, depression--aaahh, I need to go to the next letter before I get sucked in. How about energy, enthusiasm, earth, ebooks (haha). Yes I like the letter e!

  7. Ah, Shakespeare and the Hangover, together at last. Only you could accomplish that with flair.

  8. Angie, thanks so much for the award! You are much too kind!

    Karen G, I like your e words MUCH better than the d words!

    Lisa, yes Shakespeare and The Hangover, such an eclectic brew!

  9. Doubt is a shadow that dogs the heels of all writers I believe. Fear of rejection is another. It's a wonder we ever submit our manuscripts in the first place. Let's hear it for the power of a dream, Roland

  10. Roland, yes, doubt and fear can sure get in the way. Submitting is no easy task! Thanks for visiting.

  11. Though I'm a chronic optimist doubt is a cloud that is ever hovering, if not over a writer's head then close by. I don't let it get me down though. I use it to motivate me to work harder and improve.