Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Scene details from Whiskey a Go Go

There's a popular music venue in West Hollywood, California called Whiskey a Go Go, or as the cool people call it, "The Whiskey." My son's good friend plays guitar for a teen band, Gravity Hill, and they scored a gig at The Whiskey (Scored? Gig? The Whiskey? Am I cool yet?).

We went to see this super talented group of kids sing and play. As most writers do, I took mental notes of the scene. In case you've never been there, and in case you can use these scene details, here's what I remember:

The Venue

  • Small brick building with neon sign. 
  • Horns honking on Sunset Blvd. as more than one accident almost takes place.
  • Entry tickets: red with black writing. No band name printed on the ticket, but hand-written on the back.
  • Inside...black walls and floors.
  • Red semi-circle booths in back, reserved for $100.
  • Stairs with pipe railing leading to the second floor, where the bar is located.
  • Mid-sized stage angled in the corner.
  • Band name on stage banners and also on the big drum.
The People
  • Folks of all ages standing in line before showtime. Teens, young adults, older adults *ahem*.
  • "Bouncer" at the door checking bags, patting down guys, stamping the right hand of adults only (he threw away my bottled waters...*angry face*).
  • Inside, teens clustered together talking and texting before the music begins.
  • Teen guy with a green, yellow, and red beanie cap.
  • Teen girl with short shorts, high heels, loose tank top, studded belt.
  • iPhones held high during show, taking still shots. No video taping allowed.
  • My son's friend's band was clean cut and wore simple jeans and T-shirts. The second band was older, edgier. More piercings, less parents in the audience.
The Sounds
  • Band members warming up, saying, "check, check" in the microphone several times.
  • Screaming fans.
  • Audience members singing along to old favorites.
  • A trio of girls talking during the show instead of listening. 
  • Loud guitars, keyboards, and drums. 
Have you ever heard of Whiskey a Go Go? Have you ever been there? Are you uncool like me?

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  1. Love your description of Whiskey. I've never been there but some of the biggest of the big have played there. Lot's of music history in that building.

    Congrats to your son's friend - that's big time!

  2. Never been to that place, but I've been to many bars and small venues that were similar. Yes, older adults - that would be me as well.

  3. I haven't heard of it. Sounds fun!

  4. Look at you, miss on the scene investigates! :D These are great notes, and it's fun to see how going to a concert has changed. Mostly b/c of iPhones! I'd love to visit the Whiskey...

    Good stuff, Julie~ <3

  5. Your description made me think that the Digital Generation is definitely a valid term; instead of holding lighters up at concerts, people now hold up iPhones. :)

  6. I'm totally uncool! Ha! Oh man... I need to get out of my little world more often... :)

  7. Never have heard of it, but love your description of it!

  8. I lived in LA for 5 years and never went to the Whiskey. You are way cooler than I am. ;-)

  9. Haven't been there since college. I guess that makes me tragically unhip.

  10. Ooh Ooh I'm uncool! LOL But what an awesome writer's perspective!

  11. Talk about a blast from the past! YES I have been there! many times (a long time ago)! But what an awesome writer's-eye view!

  12. What a total blast! Thank you for allowing us to live the fun with you.

  13. C'mon, Julie. You're one of the coolest! I'm a classic rock guy, so I know all about "The Whiskey."
    I've been thinking of you lately. I'm sorry it's been so long since we've said hello. I hope everything's well, my friend. *big hugs*


  14. I have no doubt I'm uncool, but I don't think you are. Excellent description. What are you a writer, or something?

  15. These are the kinds of details that make scenes come to life. Great note taking.

  16. Sometimes. I think it's part of being a writer and the perilous journey we go through. The ups and downs sometimes get to one, but it's wanting to reach higher, to go further, that keeps us going to success.