Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What do YOU want? #IWSG

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There comes a time in our writing journeys when we must ask this question: What do I want?

Do I want to become a bestseller?

Do I want awards?

Do I want a devoted fan base?

Do I simply want to be read?

Do I want to write in solitude and relinquish publishing?

Once we've answered the "What do I want?" question, we can then ask: How do I get there?

Do I go the traditional path?

Do I sign with an agent?

Do I sign with a small publisher?

Do I go indie?

Do I write, but keep the words to myself?

Sometimes knowing what you want, and knowing how to get there, are half the battle. I struggled with the What do I want? question for a long time before leaping into indie publishing.

Our paths are twisted, bumpy, and sometimes hazardous, but they're our own.
Do you know what you want? Have you decided how you'll get there? Please share!


  1. I just wanted to see if I could do it - get a book published. Funny how one thing led to another...

  2. So true, sometimes knowing what you want is a big part of the battle, especially if you're struggling with different choices.

  3. Good advice, Julie. I agree the road is often bumpy and unpredictable but knowing the direction you want to travel is half the battle.

    Best wishes
    Suzanne (IWSG co-host)

  4. I've always known what I wanted. Learning how to get there and also, overcoming the doubts that I can do it, even with the road map in my hands.

  5. I've changed what I wanted off and on a few times. Sometimes I have to change my goals because of things out of my control like publishers closing.

  6. What a brilliant post, Julie, because we not only can't have it ALL most of us don't want it all anyway. It's simply a matter of deciding what it is I WANT. And then sticking to it and achieving it one by one.

  7. I want the best path for me. What that is, I'm still not sure yet.

  8. I think the goals change with time. We evolve as writers and we want different things. Right now, I want my stories read. I want to find my readers.

  9. I've written in solitude without getting published for years; I like that I can still feel happy and have fun while I'm writing, but I would eventually like to be published. It's okay if I never write a best-seller, though of course THAT would be awesome. I want to be the kind of writer that makes people laugh and who makes them feel less alone, because they can relate to what I'm writing about. That's what some of my favorite writers have done for me (and many others, I'm sure).

  10. My best friend would love to have a cult following for her writing, or have her books made into movies. I want to keep all my writing to myself. We've had amazing conversations about our very different needs and approaches. I'd like to think I've helped her remember she doesn't have to "sell out" and she has for sure nudged me out of my comfort bubble. I love where I am right now-- pushing myself to submit, but not feeling attached to the outcome.

  11. I think we all go through these decisions as writers. I needed to rethink a lot while my mom was so ill and I needed to take care of her before I even thought about writing. Her death realigned my goals. I enjoyed reading your post and finding out that, once again, I'm not the only one with those thoughts.